Cash 5 indiana hoosier lottery

Are you interested in cash five? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect place for you because here you will find all the information about this lottery.

And let's start by saying that cash five is a jackpot sharing lottery, meaning that if you are a winner and other people are also a winner then the prize will be divided equally to each winner.

Read on to learn how to play cash five and what are the ways to win cash 5 in indiana lottery.

How to play cash five indiana hoosier lottery

Before playing you should know some important features such as the price of the ticket, the days to play and even the schedule.

The ticket has a price of only $1 but if you want to add Ezmatch you will have to pay an additional $1. Cash 5 can be played every day, the live draw starts at 11pm.

To enter the draw you must select 5 numbers from 1 to 45, you can choose your own numbers although many opt for quick pick so that the machine randomly selects the numbers.

You can also add Ezmatch to your play to increase your odds and win instant prizes.

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How to win cash five indiana hoosier lottery

You only have 4 ways to win cash five but only with ezmatch you increase the ways to win up to 11 and a winning probability of 1 in 5.1.

So if you have the possibility ezmatch is your best option to play cash five because of every 5.1 plays at least 1 is a winner.

In this list are the 4 ways to win cash five in indiana lottery.