Daily 4 indiana hoosier lottery

Don't know which lottery to play? How about daily 4 in indiana hoosier lottery, you can win great prizes every day.

Daily 4 is an attractive and easy to play lottery, continue reading to learn how to participate and how to win in daily 4.

How to play daily 4 in indiana hoosier lottery

Live drawings are held twice a day, with the first drawing at 1:20 pm and the second drawing at 11 pm.

Daily 4 allows you to play in two ways, manual and automatic. When you want to play automatically, just select quick pick.

When you select your numbers you must remember that you only have to choose between 1 to 9, the value of the play is chosen by you, if you want $0.50 up to $10.

Daily 4 allows you to add the superball, this adds an additional random number and increases your chances of winning.

Daily 4 Midday

Daily 4 Midday

5 SB
Wednesday 08 Dec 2021
Daily 4 Evening

Daily 4 Evening

0 SB
Tuesday 07 Dec 2021

How to win daily 4 in indiana hoosier lottery

With Daily 4 you can win a $5,000 prize for only $1 but you must play Straight or Wheel play.

Daily 4 offers many ways to win, enough for you to find your style, now we are just going to list some ways to win daily 4.


Match your play to the daily 4 results and you can be a winner.


To win with 1-off the numbers you play should be one higher or one lower than the results and match in the exact order to be a winner.


With box in the order is not important to win.

Combo (minimum $1 play)

Here you can win in two ways, in straight style exactly or in any order as a box.

Front 3 / back 3

Your play must match the first or last 3 numbers exactly in order to be a winner.