Indiana hoosier lottery lotto

If you are an experienced lottery player and you want to win more attractive prizes, in the indiana lottery you have the opportunity to play lotto plus.

If you still have no idea how to play and how to win the indiana lotto don't worry because here you will find information that will help you understand the process.

How to play lotto in indiana hoosier lottery

Before we tell you what you have to do to play, you must first know which days you can play and what the schedule is.

You can play indiana hoosier lotto twice a week, on wednesdays and saturdays, the live draw starts at 11 pm.

The cost to play hoosier lotto is only $2 but you have the option to add +plus for only $1 more.

To make your selection of numbers you can do it automatically or manually, the 6 numbers you must select must be between 1 to 46.

Hoosier Lotto

Hoosier Lotto

Saturday 04 Dec 2021

How to win lotto in indiana hoosier lottery

Know the 5 ways to be a winner in indiana hoosier lottery, next we will tell you the ways to win indiana lottery.

  1. Matching all 6 numbers offers you a $1 million prize.
  2. With 5 numbers the prize you will win is only $600.
  3. And with 4 guesses the value to be won is $25.
  4. The match of 3 numbers only offers a prize of $4.
  5. Your play can be free but you must have at least 2 hits so you will have a free play plus the bonus.

Hoosier lotto has a probability of 1 in 6 with or without the bonus, that is to say, at least 1 out of 6 plays must be a winner.

Indiana hoosier lotto is a cumulative draw that starts at $1 million, the prize increases until there is a winner.